mamapranayama (mamapranayama) wrote,

SPN Drabble: Rollover

Title: Rollover
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
word count:~400
Summary: This is a milestone worth celebrating.

A/N: dizzojay mentioned that it was the Impala's birthday the other day over at spn_bigpretzel, so I came up with this little drabble:


Dean’s kept a close watch, his eyes drifting to the dashboard every couple of minutes as they drove through western Iowa.

He knew this day would be coming for some time now and his excitement grew with each passing mile. Sam didn’t seem to have a clue that the event was even approaching and was sleeping in the opposite seat, oblivious.

 Then finally, it happened.

Dean eased the Impala off of the side of the road, bracketed on both sides by tall stalks of soon to be harvested corn. There wasn’t much else to see out there and on a normal day, he would have been loathed to stop out in the middle of nowhere like that, but this was a momentous occasion – one that called for a little celebration and recognition.

As soon as the car came to a stop, Sam jerked awake, blearily looking around in confusion, “Where are we? Why’d we stop? Something wrong with the car?” He asked.

Dean beamed at his brother, “Nothing’s wrong with the car – this car is awesome.”

“Then why are we stopped out here?”

Dean pointed to the dash, more specifically, to the odometer, “Take a look at that!”

Sam leaned over and looked, then raised his eyebrows at Dean, “Whoa … I guess that is kinda cool. I dunno if it’s stopping-in-the-middle-of-a-corn-field-in-Iowa cool, but … I suppose it’s worth noting.”

‘000000’ the odometer read, and Dean couldn’t be prouder of his baby -- she had rolled over, surpassing all of the possible digits in the meter and starting back at the beginning.

“Damn straight it’s worth noting,” Dean agreed with a broad smile. He pushed open his door and stepped out of the car, walking back to the trunk. Curious as to what his brother was up to, Sam got out of his seat as well and joined Dean at the back just as he was closing the trunk with two beers in his hand.

Dean handed a beer to Sam then twisted the cap off his own bottle. After Sam had his open, Dean held out his bottle in a toast of sorts, “To our girl’s millionth mile.”

Sam grinned as if he finally understood the significance of the occasion. Clinking his beer bottle against Dean’s, he added, “And many more.”

The End

Tags: dean, sam, supernatural

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