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Fanfic Masterpost

I finally got around to making a master list of my stories. However, it's still under construction and who knows if I'll actually get all of my fic on this.

Supernatural Fics:

One Shots:

F***ing Spring ) Sam isn't a big fan of spring, especially when his immune system is trying to kill him.

Return to Sender ) Sequel to 'El Jesus de la Montana'. Dean and Cas are back to reunite with Sam.

El Jesús de la Montaña Up in the mountain lives a man who has been alone for a very, very long time. post 7x23.

Of Little Brothers and Pointy Things ) Dean's expertise at field surgery is put to the test.

More Like Me ) Can Bobby convince Sam and Dean that they aren't acting like themselves?

Rollover )This is a milestone worth celebrating.

Delayed Reaction ) Tag to 7x19: Sam's hurt, but neither he nor Dean realize it since there's just too many other things to think about.

Quitter ) Dean never gives up, never backs down and never quits, but this time around, he really should.

All Along the Watchtower ) Summary:All he can do is stand watch.

I Don't Sleep, I Dream ) Summary: Dean realizes just how strong his little brother really is.Tag to 7x17

Hell is Other Robots ) Robo-Sam goes to Robot Hell and meets the Robot Devil. Cross-over of sorts with Futurama and title completely stolen from that show. .

The Product of Boredom ) Takes place between Season 2 'Nightshifter' and 'Houses of the Holy'. Sam loves his mayo and Dean loves his magic fingers.

Banana Boy ) Sam's sick, but the hunt must go on, so Dean and John leave him behind to recover on his own.

Can't Get There From Here )  If Sam wasn't enough to bring back Dean's desire to fight and survive, then maybe there was something else that could help. 

The Chemicals Between us ) Sam's only wish was for his brother to see what his drinking was doing to him.

Roll Away Your Stone )  Bobby's always loved Sam, but the last few years have made that hard to remember.

If It Wasn't For Bad Luck ... ) Tag to 'Bad Day at Black Rock. Sam's had a rough couple of days and things don't seem to be looking up.

Carrion Men )  The worst thing of all was not being able to fight back.

No Gift to Bring ) It's Christmas, the world is ending and Sam needs a gift for Dean. Set in season 5 between 'Abandon All Hope' and 'Sam, Interrupted'.

Along Came a Spider ) Sam has a run-in with an eight-legged beast. hurt/sick!Sam, caring!Dean, awesome!Bobby
Set just after 2x02 (Everybody Loves a Clown).

Pandamonium ) Sam and Dean fight an evil, evil creature at the zoo.

Touched By an Angel ) UnBeta'd and quickly written ficlet  for the comment-fic meme at oh!sam from this prompt byladykorana  : Fill in the gaps between when Cas took down Sam's wall in that alley (SO disappointed that Show didn't show us Dean's reaction to this!), until Dean and Bobby get Sam back into the panic room.

Fables of the Reconstruction ) Sam’s trying to put himself back together after Jessica, but everything inside feels like it’s being torn apart.

Is There Anyone Out There? ('Cause it's Getting Harder and Harder to Breathe) )  Sam gets strangled ... again.

Dr. Badass is In ) Ash may be a genius, but there are some things he just cannot do.
Set season 2 after 'No Exit'. Featuring hurt/drugged!Sam, hurt/protective!Dean, out-of-his-element!Ash, with a special appearance by Ellen.

Heart Full of Soul ) Not even the fall of the 'Great wall of Sam' was going to stop him from making his way back to Dean.

Heart of Stone ) Sam and Dean hunt down an ancient, legendary killer, but things don't go according to plan and Sam ends up paying the price.

A Dish Best Served Cold ) Sam learns how vengeance is a dish best served cold when a simple hunt meant to bring two brothers back together as team just might separate them forever. Lots of angst, hurt/kidnapped!Sam and kick-butt/hero!Dean. Spoilers for 'Born Under A Bad Sign' and early season 
Multi-Chapter Fics:

The Long Arm of the Law ) Sam and Dean are on the run after escaping from prison, but when Sam is shot, there's only one place for them to go and neither one of them wants to be there.

Missing Pieces )  Pre-series AU, Sam is seriously injured while saving a friend at Stanford and is left without a literal leg to stand on.

Time and Chance Happens to Them All ) It's a race against the clock when Sam gets hit with visions at the worst time possible and must stop a murderer before he kills again -- his biggest problem however, is an emotionally wrecked brother who's too angry and hungover to help him.

Ten Years Gone )  After ten long years as a comatose 'John Doe', Sam wakes to find him self disoriented and alone with no Bobby, Cas or even Dean anywhere to be found. While struggling to come to terms with his new predicament, he must also unravel the mystery behind what happened to him and why his brother and friends have all disappeared.

Upside Down and Sideways ) Set just after ELAC. Dean's world has been turned on it's head- He's alive while his Dad is dead and Sam just won't leave him alone. Consumed by rage and grief, his anger has consequences that neither he nor Sam can foresee. Limp!Sam, Angry/protective/hurt!Dean, ultra-awesome/curmudgeonly!Bobby.

The Incredible Shrinking Sam: Sam has a rather 'small' problem.

It's Been the Worst Day Since Yesterday: Sam and Dean didn't think their luck could get any worse, they were wrong. Set after Bad Day at Black Rock

Doctors Are Dicks: Sam's sick and trying to deal with the pitfalls of the American medical establishment isn;t making him any better

 WIP's (hall of Shame):

Pre-series, Sam wants control over his own life, but so does his father.

Sanctuary Fic:

Lux Et Tenebris :
After an abnormal attacks, Will's resolve and friendship with Magnus is put to the testRead more... )

NCIS Fics:

One Shots:
Resolutions )
The new year is a time for change, personal growth and resolutions. For Tony however, a dangerous obsession may make this the last new year he will see. Set after 'False Witness'. Hurt!Tony, Tony/Ziva friendship

Close Calls and Near Misses )             When McGee is hurt, Tony helps him put his life in perspective.

Tony's First Time ) There's a first time for everything. Takes place just after Tony came to work with Gibbs.
A/N: Written for ncis1000words challenge #8, picture of sign number one- 'Are you wearing clean underwear?'

Seeing the Forest Through the Trees ) Can Ziva and Tony survive being pursued by a mad man with a penchant for blowing things up?

North by Northeast: Tony catches more than just a bad case of saddle-soreness after the episode 'South by Southwest'


Mulit-chapter fics:

The T.A.D. When Tony is injured on a case, a new agent is brought in to replace him. But is this new agent too good to be true and can Tony ever get back on the team? Lots of hurt-comfort and whumpage(mostly to poor Tony) Gibbs/Tony father-son moments, hints of Tiva, but not more than what you would see on the show and plenty of team interaction.

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