May 18th, 2014


So, I went to Columbus, GA's version of a fan convention ...

It was probably the closest I've ever come to going to a fan Con and while it was small, we did get to have a rather intimate Skype session with Alaina Huffman, who plays Abbadon. This turned out to be the high point of my weekend.

There were only about 20 people there for the conversation, but Alaina was very gracious to speak with all of us even though we were just a small group gathered together at the local library here in Columbus, Georgia.  You tell she cared about meeting us too as it had to be about 8 am on a Saturday out where she was in California, but her hair and make up was perfectly done and she was so nice, answering all of our questions with grace and poise.

I was surprised to find out that she was the mother to four kids (damn ... I wish I had her body after four kids) and that she was working on a graphic novel about a superhero mother. I was also impressed with her bright smile and sense of humor. When we asked her how she felt about working with Jared, Jensen, and Misha, to which she asked, "Oh ... you mean the big 4 year-olds?" and when we asked her what her favorite line was while playing Abbadon, she remarked how it was when Abbadon had her hands cut off and said "Then I'll stump you to death."

In all it was a very sweet experience to chat with her in person and she is such a down to earth and generous person. Hopefully, they will bring her back again, maybe in a flashback sequence as Josie, but either way, I wish her a long and successful career.