January 8th, 2012


SPN Ficlet: Roll Away Your Stone

Title: Roll Away Your Stone
Author: mamapranayama
Rating: PG-13 (a few graphic details, language)
Genre: Gen
Category: Angst, Hurt/comfort
Word Count~2700
Spoiler warning: 7x01
Summary: Bobby's always loved Sam, but the last few years have made that hard to remember.

For phx69's prompt for the current comment fic meme on ohsam :

A Sam and Bobby moment.
Bobby loved Sam too, even if sometimes he forgets... but when Sam takes a bullet that was meant for Bobby (or is somehow hurt in place of Bobby), Bobby remembers. Lame, I know. But I feel there just isn't enough of Bobby and Sam time. We know Bobby was close to Dean - the show gives us that - so I would love to see what the show has never really shown us. That he loves Sam too for Sam himself, and not just because Sam is Dean's brother and is part of the Winchester package.

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